1956-1962 2021 discount Singles outlet online sale

1956-1962 2021 discount Singles outlet online sale

1956-1962 2021 discount Singles outlet online sale
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The celebrated Bobby Darin was a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and film and television actor. He performed in a range of musical genres, including jazz, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, folk, swing, and country.


This 2-CD, 64-track set presents Darin’s 1956-62 singles. The singer started as a songwriter for Connie Francis, and recorded his own first million-seller “Splish Splash” in 1958. This was followed by “Mack the Knife” (which climbed to #1 in the Billboard pop and UK charts and stayed there for 26 weeks); “Dream Lover” (#2 Pop and #1 UK), and “Beyond the Sea” (#6 Pop and #8 UK), which brought him worldwide fame. All of the aforementioned hits are present on this collection, along with Darin’s other wonderful singles from that period, including both A and B sides.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Mack The Knife
2 La Mer (Beyond The Sea)
3 Dream Lover
4 Things
5 Splish Splash
6 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
7 Queen Of The Hop
8 Rock Island Line
9 Timber
10 Silly Willy
11 Blue - Eyed Mermaid
12 Hear Them Bells
13 The Greatest Builder
14 Dealer In Dreams
15 Help Me
16 I Found A Million Dollar Baby
17 Talk To Me Something
18 Don''t Call My Name
19 Pretty Baby
20 Just In Case You Change Your Mind
21 So Mean
22 Judy Don''t Be Moody
23 Early In The Morning
24 Now We''re One
25 Lost Love
26 Mighty, Mighty Man
27 You''re Mine
28 Plain Jane
29 Bullmoose
30 Was There A Call For Me
31 That''s The Way Love Is
32 Clementine

Disc: 2

1 While I''m Gone
2 Tall Story
3 She''s Tanfastic!
4 Moment Of Love
5 Down With Love
6 Bill Bailey, Won''t You Please Come Home
7 I''ll Be There
8 Beachcomber (Bobby Darin At The Piano)
9 Autumn Blues (Bobby Darin At The Piano)
10 That''s How It Went, All Right
11 Artificial Flowers
12 Somebody To Love
13 Christmas Auld Lang Syne
14 Child Of God
15 Lazy River
16 Oo - Ee Train
17 Nature Boy
18 Look For My True Love
19 Theme From ''Come September''
20 Walk Bach To Me (Aka Walk Back To Me)
21 Orrow Tomorrow
22 Irresistible You
23 Multiplication
24 What''d I Say (Parts 1 & 2)
25 Ain''t That Love
26 Jailer Bring Me Water
27 If A Man Answers
28 A True, True Love
29 Baby Face
30 You Know How
31 Keep - A
32 Golden Earrings

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